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What is Lithotripsy?

  • Each year, approximately one million people in the United States are treated for kidney stones. For many years, kidney stone sufferers waited in much discomfort for the stone to pass or they had to undergo surgery to remove it.

  • Today, of those once diagnosed for surgery, many patients can be successfully treated with lithotripsy.

  • Extracorporeal (meaning outside the body) Shock Wave Lithotripsy (ESWL), developed by Dornier Med-Tech, uses shock waves to break up kidney stones.

  • During treatment, the shock waves are precisely focused on the stone to disintegrate it into sand-like particles. These shock waves pass through body tissue affecting only the targeted stones.

  • Following treatment, the small particles are passed from your kidney and ureter through your urine and out of your body.

  • Patients experience only slight discomfort and the recovery period is only a few days.

  • Best of all, you will be in and out of the facility in just a few hours.

Who Can Be Treated?

  • Millions people worldwide have been successfully treated with Dornier and Wolf Lithotripters. ESWL is a surgical procedure that is less painful and less expensive than other kidney stone therapy alternatives.

  • ESWL, however, is not recommended for everyone. If you are pregnant, have hemophilia, receive blood thinning drugs, weight over 350 pounds, or if your stone cannot be seen on a KUB x-ray or ultrasound, ESWL may not be the appropriate treatment for you. Please discuss all of your treatment options with your physician.
Preparing for Lithotripsy

To make sure that your treatment goes smoothly, please follow the pre-treatment instructions provided by the facility.

We will call you prior to your treatment to confirm your appointment time and review what will happen to you during your procedure.

Although the treatment itself usually takes 30 to 45 minutes, you should plan to be at the Mid-Atlantic Stone Center for two to three  hours on the day of your treatment.

Please remember to bring a “support person” with you to drive you home after your treatment.